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As educational costs rise, your students want to save as much as possible on their course materials. Our collaborative relationships in the industry make new resources and cost saving alternatives available to your school.

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MBS Direct saved students and their families over

$38.8 Million*

Dynamic Pricing
Rental (print and digital)


(In millions)


(In millions)

With Marketplace, students have a wider selection and even more potential for savings! Choosing this option saved them

$7.6 Million

Dynamic pricing keeps our partners' online bookstores competitive and saved students

$2 Million

Providing students with rental (print and digital) saved them

$15.4 Million

With free shipping and other promotions students saved over

$2.9 Million

Ordering from the largest inventory of used books in the industry saved families

$10.9 Million

110 Higher Education and K-12 schools participated in the Student Savings Initiative and saved their students

an additional $5.8 million

When your school joins the Student Savings Initiative, we'll work together to determine how to reallocate revenue and pass those savings on to your students. There are several options, so we'll collaborate to find the best fit for your school's needs.

Hundreds of thousands of students participated in our textbook buyback program during the 2017-2018 school year.

We pledged more than

$16 Million

in Guaranteed Buyback quotes

We distributed more than

$5.2 Million

to students and families who sold back their course materials

We work with your school to determine the best option for serving your students during buyback season. That way, when it's time for students to sell their books back at the end of the term, they will get the most in convenience and value.