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An interactive website branded as your school's official bookstore.

Your students need the right books to succeed. Make ordering easy for them with an Online Bookstore organized by campus site, by program, or by course name or number. In the Online Bookstore, students can also access their purchased digital content and sell their qualifying books back at the end of term.

Our partnership with MBS Direct has offered our parents and students more choices while saving them money, lightened our administrative workload, and made our super sprint of text ordering and inventory obsolete.

John Harty

Social Studies Chair and Textbook Coordinator, Saint Scholastica Academy, Louisiana

Student savings

As educational costs increase, students need to save as much as possible on their course materials. Our collaborative relationships with our partner schools and organizations keep us current on the latest trends and technology, and allow us to continually make new cost-saving options and programs available to your students. As a valued partner, we will work with you to identify and implement programs that best fit your school's needs.

Used books

Choose from one of the largest inventories of used books available and save up to 25%. Learn more

Guaranteed Buyback

With Guaranteed Buyback titles, students will see their total cost of ownership upfront. Learn more

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Upfront savings your students want, ready for adoption today. Learn more

New books

We guarantee your students will always have the latest editions of their course materials. Learn more


Connects your students to private vendors to create a more diverse shopping experience where they can save up to 95%. Learn more

Digital options

Your students' digital products can be found all in one place and result in more rewarding and effective learning solutions. Learn more

Price matching

Students can shop with confidence in MBS Direct's virtual bookstores. Learn more

Ordering convenience

Several ordering enhancements are available to optimize student convenience and increase ordering accuracy:

Direct Success

Students' course material costs are bundled into tuition to help ensure they have their books on time. Learn more


By linking courses directly to their course materials, CourseLinks makes the ordering process even easier. Learn more

Shop by Schedule

Students simply log in to access their customized course schedule and materials. Learn more


Integration with your campus systems provides additional convenience for students and schools. Learn more