Textbook Conditions Guidelines

Certain conditions are required in order to sell a book back. Check out our standards below to see if your book(s) meet these guidelines.

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Are your used books in good condition?

Used books range in quality from a pristine book owned only once before by a student who treated it with care, to a book that has been owned by several students and is comfortably worn with creased pages and highlighting.

A used book might have any of the following characteristics:

  • Notes written in the margins
  • Highlighting, from a little to a lot
  • Typical wear and tear
  • Rounded corners
  • Scrapes and scratches
  • Faded cover art
  • Creased pages

MBS Direct has quality assurance standards in place.

A used book purchased from us will not have stains or water damage, missing/torn/loose pages or cover, excessive writing or marking in or on the edge of the book, broken/torn spine, or damaged/torn binding.

Books that come to MBS in such condition are rejected from MBS Service Company's buyback program and either discarded or sent back to the last owner.

Unacceptable book conditions examples

Unacceptable book condition example: water damage

Water damage

Books that are disfigured due to water or fluid exposure are not acceptable.

Unacceptable book condition example: cover damage

Cover damage

Books that have missing, torn, or loose covers along with excessive corner wear are not acceptable.

Unacceptable book condition example: loose leaf

Loose leaf

Not accepted. It is not possible to ensure the next student would receive every page.

Unacceptable book condition example: broken spine

Broken spine

Both the front and back covers must be fully intact. The spine cannot be significantly weakened or torn.

Unacceptable book condition example: writing on spine

Writing on spine

Books with writing on the edges will not be accepted.

Unacceptable book condition example: missing pages

Missing pages

Books with any missing or torn pages are not acceptable.

Unacceptable book condition example: workbooks


Accepted with writing on less than five pages.

Unacceptable book condition example: excessive highlighting

Excessive highlighting

Excessive highlighting is not acceptable.