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This is a new era for textbooks. MBS Direct closely monitors changing trends in educational technology and we're able to provide expert guidance for every facet of your digital journey, as well as access to more than 370,000 digital titles.

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Institutions recognize the need to embrace content evolution, and why we provide a growing number of options and resources

Digital materials for all learners


Books delivered in a digital format, viewable on computers and other digital devices. Learn more

Alternative Content

Engaging digital materials available at lower prices than traditional textbooks. Learn More

Open Educational Resources (OER)

MBS Direct solutions include the ability to curate and distribute openly licensed material. Learn More

Faculty Created

Access several platforms to easily create custom course packs. Learn More

Easy, streamlined delivery

No matter what digital content you choose for your students, it will be easy for them to purchase and access. Once purchased, they can redeem and access all their digital content in one place, no matter the publisher.


Student purchases digital materials


Email confirmation is sent to student


Streamlined access through the LMS or Online Bookstore

Resources for faculty and administrators

Add devices, new digital content or expand your existing program today. The Digital Content Solutions Group is available to walk your staff through each step of the process, no matter which stage your digital program is currently in, and help you learn more about the options that best fit the needs of your students and curriculum. They will:

Explain available content options

Speak to an authority and have complete understanding about traditional and alternative content options available to your students, based on your learning outcomes.

Understand your goals and offer suggestions

Our experts understand the industry, its evolution and how technology is changing the world of course materials. We ensure you have the information you need to make educated decisions.

Train the Trainer and other faculty training programs

These small-group sessions give select members of your team information to help your teachers decide what type of content they may want in their classroom.