Buyback Programs

MBS Direct works with your school to determine the best option for serving your students during buyback season. That way, when it's time for students to sell their books back at the end of the term, they will get the most in convenience and value.

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Guaranteed Buyback

Unique to MBS Direct, Guaranteed Buyback is a purchasing option designed to give your students more money back — and to help them understand the true cost of textbook ownership. When they purchase their books at the beginning of the term, and see titles marked Guaranteed Buyback, they will see how much they will receive when they sell their books back at the end of the term.

Don’t let your students miss out on Guaranteed Buyback with these free resources

How much Guaranteed Buyback money did we offer during the 2016-2017 school year?


to Higher Education students


to K-12 families

Online buyback

Online buyback allows your students to sell their books back when it's convenient for them.

Ensure students participate in buyback

Once logged in, they simply follow three easy steps:


Create quote

See buyback prices for each previously purchased book and select which ones to sell back. Look up values for books not purchased from MBS Direct and sell them too!


Print & pack for free

Print buyback quote and free pre-paid shipping label.


Get cash quick

Pack and ship the books back to MBS Direct. Receive payment by Paypal™ or by check in 2-3 weeks.

EZ Drop Buyback for K-12 schools

Add convenience for your families with an EZ Drop on-site buyback. In addition to serving as a fundraising opportunity for your school, we will work with you to set up a book collection at the end of each school year. An EZ Drop kit will be provided to your school at no cost.

Find out how Bishop Kenny High School completed the fastest EZ Drop Buyback in MBS Direct history!

When the EZ Drop event is approaching, families follow these easy instructions:


Create quote

See buyback prices for each purchased book and select which ones to sell back. Look up values for books not purchased from MBS Direct and sell them too!


Print quote

Print buyback quote.


Get cash quick

Drop books off at the designated time and location and receive payment in the form of a check within 2-3 weeks.

On-Campus Buyback

On-campus buyback for Higher Education

We offer an on-campus buyback option for many of our higher education partners, so students can easily sell their books back at a convenient central location.

New and used textbook comparison

Acceptable book conditions for buyback

Whether it's used or new, we take pride in the quality of course materials we provide. MBS Direct expects normal wear and tear as students use their books, but to ensure any student who orders a title from us gets the best condition possible, we have quality standards in place to govern what titles we can buy. Books that come to MBS Direct with water damage, missing, torn or loose pages and other problems will be rejected from MBS Service Company's buyback program and are either discarded or sent back to the last owner.

See our complete list of guidelines

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty

You already know that your students can save by ordering their books from MBS Direct, but did you know that they'll also receive more money when they sell those books back? Students who purchased their course materials from MBS Direct and then sell them back receive 80% more than students who shopped elsewhere.