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Transitioning to MBS Direct

Transitioning to MBS Direct

Don't miss your chance to hear how other schools have been able to improve their operations by partnering with MBS Direct, from the schools themselves. You'll hear their stories: what made MBS Direct so appealing, how smoothly implementation went, what they enjoy about their account managers and more.

Featuring Antioch University New England, Charter Oak State College and University of Maine at Presque Isle.


See why you should order from MBS Direct, how to save on your course materials, how easy it is to sell back textbooks and how eBooks can enhance your learning experience.

How to Save Money with MBS Direct
Creating an Online Buyback Quote
Creating an EZ Drop Buyback Quote
Features of the VitalSource Bookshelf®


Check out MBS Direct's industry-leading administrative tools. Make adoptions a breeze with Course Director, get everything you need to make informed decisions in Service Center and more.

Bringing You World Class Distribution
Why Order from MBS Direct?
The Way Students Learn is Changing
Exploring Open Resources with MBS Direct
Measure Bookstore Performance with Service Center
MBS Direct Course Director - Painless Adoptions for a More Successful Term

Higher Education

The right Online Bookstore solution is one that can grow with your school. Learn more about how effortless making the transition can be, and how you can make ordering even easier for your students.

Transitioning to MBS Direct
Features of the MBS Direct Online Bookstore
Navigating Your Digital Content Options


Take a tour through the MBS Direct Online Bookstore, explore the latest in digital developments and learn how other schools use our products and services.

Features of the MBS Direct Online Bookstore
The Way Students Learn is Changing
Using MBS Direct's eText Builder

Going Digital Webinar

Discover how other schools have taken a digital direction with MBS Direct. Listen to panelists from our partner schools as they discuss their experience developing a successful digital program.

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Behind the Books

Our video series, Behind the Books, will give you a glimpse behind the scenes, and let you meet the heart of MBS Direct: our people. You'll get to learn a little bit more about what makes our team so extraordinary.

Meet the Team

Behind the Books: Meet the Team

Account Management

Behind the Books: Account Management

Inventory and Adoptions

Behind the Books: Inventory and Adoptions


Behind the Books: VB Implementation and Testing

Customer Service

Behind the Books: Customer Service


Behind the Books: Marketing


Behind the Books: Distribution

Digital Solutions

Behind the Books: Digital Solutions

Bloopers & Outtakes

Behind the Books: Bloopers & Outtakes