Case Study: Wyoming Seminary School

Distributing textbooks can be a daunting task for schools each fall. Oftentimes personnel are pulled away from their regular duties to help, space has to be repurposed, extra inventory has to be returned, etc. Wyoming Seminary dealt with these issues and decided to research alternatives. MBS Direct not only lessened the workload related to distribution, but also added an easier way to process adoptions and a friendly, helpful team to support them with their efforts.

Wyoming Seminary Simplifies Course Material Distribution

An inefficient, labor-intensive process

Before partnering with MBS Direct this spring, Wyoming Seminary School ran their own brick-and-mortar bookstore on campus. As a school of nearly 800 students - 440 of which is in high school - running pre-K through grade 12, this created a lot of extra work for staff members and student volunteers.

"As students would have their class list confirmed, we'd have a whole group of people picking books for them," said Jack Eidam, the former Dean of Administration who now works part-time on special projects. "Then students would pick up those books all at once before classes started."

Cutting down the workload

All of this extra work led the school to search for an alternative. To determine what the best options would be, Eidam consulted with a handful of schools from across the country to see what did and did not work for them. Ultimately, after considering a couple other providers, Wyoming Seminary chose MBS Direct as the best option to help them meet their needs.

We got a good reading from other schools MBS Direct works with. The large warehouse and flexibility in terms of ordering and returning was what we needed. We were able to verify that the customer service [MBS Direct] offered would be delivered on.

— Jack Eidam, former dean of administration, director of STEM and teacher

As they glance ahead to their August 29th start date, Wyoming Seminary is looking forward to a much smoother fulfillment process than they had in the past.

"There was a great deal of labor intensity here," Eidam said. "Students and faculty were both involved in the ordering, receiving and shelving process. Sometimes there would be an oversupply and we'd have to go through the cumbersome and awkward process of sending books back to the publisher. We wanted to get rid of all that."

Looking forward to simpler distribution

Their new Online Bookstore will certainly help towards that goal in general, but one aspect of this new partnership that Eidam found particularly appealing was MBS Direct's adoption tool, Course Director.

"Course Director, and the adoption process in general, seemed to be very strong and very attractive. The database and ease of working with it should make the whole process smooth," Eidam said.

Overall, what affected their decision more than anything was the personal interactions the school had with people in the MBS Direct offices as they went through the decision making process.

"The thing that was so helpful in leading us to MBS Direct was the customer service provided by our implementation specialist and account manager," Eidam said. "They've been very responsive in helping us define some unfamiliar terms and in guiding us through some unfamiliar grounds."

About Wyoming Seminary School:

  • FTE: nearly 800
  • Preschool through twelfth grade is comprised of lower and upper schools, located in Forty Fort and Kingston, Pennsylvania, respectively
  • Moved course material distribution to an online model, removing the labor and inventory issues associated with running an on-campus bookstore

MBS Direct:

  • Provides a branded, official online bookstore open for business 24/7 with cost-saving options and convenient ordering
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Course Director tool streamlines the adoption process