Case Study: Guerin Catholic High School

After not getting the assistance they wanted with their previous course material provider, Guerin Catholic chose MBS Direct, and have had a much better experience since signing. Perhaps the most technologically savvy school in their area, it was clear that Guerin Catholic would benefit from a better, wider selection of digital materials, and in working with MBS Direct, they have taken full advantage of the company's digital offerings while increasing convenience for both their faculty and their families.

Guerin Catholic Gets More Digital From MBS Direct

Choosing a new partner

Founded in 2004, St. Theodore Guerin Catholic High School, is by high school standards, still relatively new. And as befits their youth, they have been on the technological cutting edge since the beginning. Every year of their existence, they've been a one-to-one laptop program, meaning that each of their students gets their own laptop, in this case a MacBook. As a result, Guerin Catholic has put a heavy emphasis on incorporating digital materials into their curriculum. In fact, that emphasis is a big reason they chose to change their course material provider, ultimately deciding that MBS Direct would be the best choice for both students and teachers.

"[MBS Direct] took a look at our textbook list and said they could probably provide a third to half of them via eTextbooks," said Assistant Principal and Director of Academics Peg Dispenzieri, noting that this was a big improvement over their previous provider.

Digital materials were not the only factor in their decision; their decision to move on from their previous textbook vendor was about much more than digital materials. Though Guerin Catholic did have an online bookstore before, Dispenzieri expressed frustration at the burden that was placed on herself and the school's staff. "One of the problems I had with that company was the fact that they did not do any of the research for eTextbooks," she said. "So I had to do all of the research instead. I was looking for a company that would be willing to do that work for me."

As it turned out, MBS Direct became that company, though a bit of fortunate timing was required. As Dispenzieri was beginning to think about looking for another provider, she received an exploratory email from MBS Direct. "It turned out to be great timing," Dispenzieri said. "The company had what I was looking for. I talked to a bunch of other schools in the area, and they were very complimentary of MBS Direct."

Newer, more convenient options

Since signing a contract in 2014, Guerin Catholic has seen improvements in a number of areas in addition to the procurement of digital textbooks. Perhaps most unique is their desire to have their teachers create their own customized textbooks. In fact, they have already taken advantage of this option in some of their classes. "This year we actually picked out the stories that our English classes use," Dispenzieri said. "MBS was able to find those stories and put them together for us." This turned out to be a cheaper, more efficient solution for everyone involved.

The company had what I was looking for. I talked to a bunch of other schools in the area, and they were very complimentary of MBS Direct.

— Peg Dispenzieri

The convenience provided to students and parents has been another major plus for the school. In addition, there is excitement surrounding the ability to easily purchase all of their course materials and access their eTextbooks all on the same device. Plus, since becoming a customer, Dispenzieri said that Guerin Catholic has had positive experiences with buyback. "We really like that parents can go online, print their invoice, and then come in to drop off their books and get the exact amount that's on their invoice. It's very convenient," she explained.

The school is even trying a new cost-saving option by offering rental textbooks. "There have been a lot more opportunities to rent textbooks than I was aware of. Rental was something we had never used before," Dispenzieri said.

Overall, Dispenzieri, and Guerin Catholic as a whole, seem extremely satisfied with their new partnership. With a steadily growing, tech-savvy student body and group of parents, meeting the school's technological expectations was a requirement for serving Guerin Catholic High School; and MBS Direct has met and exceeded those expectations.

About St. Theodore Guerin Catholic High School:

  • FTE: 750
  • Founded in 2004 and Located in Noblesville, Indiana
  • One-to-one laptop program provides each student with their own MacBook
  • Offered rental as an option for the first time in 2015

MBS Direct:

  • Provides schools a branded, online bookstore where students can affordably and conveniently get their course materials
  • 24/7 Customer Contact Center with email, live chat, phone and social media options
  • Variety of purchasing options for students (digital, rental, new and used books, Marketplace, etc.) that allow families to save in whatever way works best for them