Case Study: Cox College

After struggling with its previous services, Cox College recently decided to go with MBS Direct in order to improve its Distance Learning program. Cox College officially made the switch for its spring 2014 semester, and has seen an increase in convenience and efficiency for both its students and the campus store itself with the implementation of both an Online Bookstore and an MBS Point of Sale system.

Cox College Improves Their Distance Learning Program with MBS Direct

A far reaching student body

Cox College's primary focus is on nursing and radiology, and offers a variety of other health sciences degrees. While its campus is located in Springfield, Mo., Cox College's Distance Learning program has enrollees across the state. Plus, with ages ranging between late teens all the way to mid-50s, Cox College has the responsibility of accommodating students at a variety of different points in their lives.

The implementation of an Online Bookstore for its Distance Learning has eased the burden on Cox College's employees in serving such a complicated student base, said comptroller Deborah Adkins.

"When we had books in store, it was hard to mail them out to students," she said. "Students in St. Louis or Kansas City obviously found it very difficult to come to the store. If a student needed a book, then I would physically have to go to the post office and overnight the book."

Positive changes now and in the future

Since switching to MBS Direct, Cox College has seen a number of improvements in the bookstore, as well as positive feedback from students. With MBS Direct handling students' textbook orders, the Cox College campus store has been able to focus on merchandise, where it's been able to stock and sell more than ever before.

In addition to technical and logistical improvements, MBS Direct also offered Cox College the kind of proximity and stability that wasn't available from any other competitor. "We looked at other programs, but MBS [Direct] was within the state, so travel was easy. We felt like MBS [Direct] had the most to offer. The other programs were questionable as to whether they'd still be viable in a couple of years," Adkins said.

With MBS Direct now handling all of Cox College's textbook needs, Cox is now able to focus solely on merchandise at its campus location, with the aid of an MBS Point of Sale system. Without all of the books, the store's main focus in the short term is cleaning up inventory to ensure it is getting the most out of their store space.

All of these changes have combined to make the Cox College bookstore a much more efficient and effective entity, with even more room to grow.

About Cox College:

  • Enrollment: 875
  • Located in Springfield, Missouri
  • Private college specializing in degrees for health professionals (nursing, radiology, health administration, etc.)
  • Distance Learning program provides education for students around the state

About MBS Direct:

  • Provides schools a branded, Online Bookstore where students can affordably and conveniently get their course materials
  • 99.9% order accuracy
  • A dedicated account manager works with Cox College to ensure the bookstore's success
  • Offers online access and efficient delivery that are ideal for schools with Distance Learning programs