Who We Are

Take a peek Behind the Books, as we share what makes us so diverse with a glimpse into daily life at MBS Direct and introduce you to the people who keep us moving forward.

MBS Direct Leadership


The people that steer MBS Direct in the right direction, our executives work hard to ensure our company meets its big-picture goals. With over 40 years in the industry, your school can rest assured knowing that our leadership has the combination of experience and expertise to help your school meet its goals as well.

Meet Our Executives

Client Services

The Client Services team works to ensure your school is continually getting the kind of personalized service you need to make you and your students' Online Bookstore experience as successful as it can be.

MBS Direct Client Services
MBS Wheel of Diversity

As diverse as the schools we serve

Everyone who comes to work at MBS Direct brings a different background. Oftentimes, that background comes from thousands of miles away. MBS employs individuals from more than 30 countries all over the world. It gives us an opportunity to learn a few words in a new language (and it makes the break room an interesting place during World Cup season), but our dedication to diversity helps us accomplish more for schools like yours.

Community involvement

MBS Direct's commitment to people goes beyond its partners and employees. We value everyone as an indispensable individual for the diverse gifts only they can bring to the collective table. As part of our commitment to our employees and the larger community, MBS donates time, money and other resources to charitable and philanthropic endeavors, including our local United Way, Adopt-A-Family holiday drives, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the American Heart Association and other local businesses and groups.

MBS Direct Community Involvement
Our Green Initiatives

Our green initiatives

At MBS Direct, we aren't just dedicated to our staff, partners and community. We also care about our environment. That's why we've put green initiatives in place that strive to prevent books from ending up in landfills. We recycle books with no resale value due to damage, age or other factors ensuring they aren't discarded in a way that's less than eco-friendly. And among other benefits, our continuing dedication to eBooks and other virtual content helps prevent wasted paper.