Ordering Convenience

Your Online Bookstore already makes it easy for your students to order the course materials they need, but why not make it even easier? These ordering enhancements are designed to optimize student convenience and increase ordering accuracy, while providing a variety of available options to help them save.

Auto Order

By bundling course material costs with tuition, Auto Order ensures students will have the right books before classes begin, without having to place their own orders. This is a popular choice with private sector schools and universities.

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CourseLinks makes the ordering process easier for students by using basic scripting to link them directly to their course listing within your Online Bookstore so they can easily find and purchase their course materials. The flexibility of CourseLinks allows you to integrate it within the registration process, your online syllabus or anywhere in between.

Shop by Schedule

Shop by Schedule simplifies the ordering process for students. After logging into their Online Bookstore, students will immediately see a pre-populated list of all the course materials associated with their schedule. Not only does this allow your students to spend less time ordering, but is also helps to ensure they receive the right books.

LMS integrations

LMS integrations range from providing student access to digital content from the LMS to the full functionality of the Online Bookstore into their LMS. This combination of convenient access and a selection of affordable options benefits students, learning outcomes, instructors and institutions alike.

Regent University goes online with LMS integration

Does your school use an LMS?

Greater flexibility in delivery methods and formats, combined with integration into learning management systems leads to increased student success. We can integrate digital materials or an Online Bookstore into your LMS for a seamless, consolidated learning experience.

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Used books

We keep nearly 6 million used copies in our inventory at peak times, ensuring your students will get the exact book they need at a reasonable price.

Guaranteed Buyback

Exclusive to MBS Direct, Guaranteed Buyback titles, when combined with used books, offer the best value. Students will see their total cost of ownership upfront.

Ensure students/families know how to recoup some money

Rental options

Rental options provide your students with upfront savings of up to 60% on the digital or print materials they need.

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New books

Our numerous relationships with publishers of all sizes help ensure that your students will have access to the latest editions of their course materials.


Connects your students to private vendors to create a more diverse shopping experience where they can save up to 95%. Allows your school to include more offerings on your branded site, as well as increase store traffic through the engagement of price-sensitive students.

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Digital options

The way that students learn continues to evolve every day. MBS Direct lets you keep pace with these changes by providing access to more than 450,000 digital titles, including a wide selection of eBooks, access codes, and other digital materials.

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