Direct Digital


direct digital offers an enhanced learning experience for all users.

Direct Digital offers an enhanced learning experience for all users.

  • Built-in dictionary
  • Book resources — relevant videos, websites, flash cards and more
  • Annotation manager — organize and navigate bookmarks, notes and highlights
  • Book media — figures, videos and audio files embedded in the e-book
  • Book navigator — jump to specific sections of the book
  • Search — relevant e-book pages as well as annotations and book media
  • Print fidelity — see the PDF version of the original page
  • Printing — print up to the digital-rights-management limit



your brand.
your content.
your digital solution.

Drive your digital sales and grow your user base through a branded and scalable product that allows you to reach your customers on all computers and devices with Internet access.

We understand that you need to protect your company’s brand. Direct Digital is a solution that provides market-leading features without giving away your users or diluting the value of your product identity.


  • A branded bookshelf delivered to your website or to a custom website created by Direct Digital
  • Branded Apple® iOS and Android™ applications
  • Ability to use your e-commerce engine or ours
  • Enhanced e-books with media and other resources
  • A MarkLogic backbone that delivers speed and intelligence
  • Scalable architecture designed for maximum availability


your students.
your bookstore.
your digital solution.

MBS Direct offers Direct Digital, the digital solution that will give your academic community a competitive advantage. Direct Digital has the flexibility and functionality that your students are looking for.

Hosted on your MBS Direct Online Bookstore, the branded digital bookshelf allows easy access to e-reading materials. The digital-solutions platform seamlessly integrates with your current LMS, or stands on its own in your online bookstore. The digital bookshelf allows students to organize their course materials into custom shelves according to their preferences.

MBS Direct also has a mobile application that allows students to view their e-books on the Apple® iOS and Android™ devices. All the core features and functionality available through the online version are also available on the mobile applications.


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