MBS Direct Customer Service

We're here for you! Whether you need assistance with ordering, troubleshooting a product or want to make an appointment to talk about the next step for your school, our expert customer service representatives are available 24/7.


  • Customer support
  • 844-603-9960 (Toll Free)
  • 573-441-9179 (International)
  • contactus@mbsdirect.net
  • Online chat services are available 24/7 through your bookstore


  • Partner schools
  • 800-325-5108 (Toll Free)
  • directinfo@mbsdirect.net
  • Partnership inquiries
  • 866-638-5954 (Toll Free)
  • directinfo@mbsdirect.net

Press Inquiries

  • 866-638-5952
  • directinfo@mbsdirect.net

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